USA SIP Termination

USA Sip Termination is core focus at this time. Presently we fill up thousands of phone lines throughout the day of this product.

Our USA Conversational Sip Termination routes are very solid. At the present time we utilize about 30 underlining carriers to take our traffic. uses state of the art switching platform that allows our customers to view their accounts daily, CDR’s, top up in real time via PayPal, add IP’s address and more.

Most of our rate decks we build are 3 column decks that have inter, intra state, and indeterminate. If your company can’t accept a rate deck like this we can do a 1 column deck for you. In addition we bill LRN, but we can bill dialed minutes if your switch can’t do LRN. offers $5.00 to test our routes, to get a test account please fill out our online sign up form here.