Toll Free Termination

Toll free termination has become one of the core offerings for since 2016. Due to our high volume of toll free termination we are able to offer our customers an instant bill credit on your account for all of the toll free termination that completes on our network.  This can significantly reduce your telecom bills and at the same time greatly improve your companies cash flow.

How does our toll free termination work?

Anytime you call one of the following numbers:


and it comes to and completes on our network your account gets a credit per minute.

Our company offers highly competitive reciprocal compensation for all of your toll free termination.  In fact, we pay on 100% of the toll free termination that you send our way.  We are seeing ASRs range from 75 to 90 percent at this time with an average call duration of over 4 minutes on this traffic.

To get an account with us please fill out the online test form here. Our NOC team works around the clock to get your business up and running for all of your Toll Free Termination.