Toll Free Origination

Toll Free Origination is now available at  Our Toll Free Phone Number flat rates are as low as .0089 cents per minute on state to state (interstate) calls, the rate is good 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Billing is in 6-second increments with the minimum call length being 6 seconds!  There are no hidden fees on our toll free origination minutes.

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We can also do short duration toll free origination as well.  These prices get as low as .014 with 6/6 billing increments.  This is perfect for clients that have credit card processing needs.  We are currently running short duration toll free origination of 10 second calls for merchant services.

“Toll Free Origination continues to be a growing market for us, we have vendors that are doing 1/2 a billion minutes per month on the origination side” said Palumbo, CEO of

Please note:  the above rates are for SIP interconnections only.  This doesn’t apply for TDM connections.  We also don’t allow companies to least cost route on our flat rate pricing.

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