Nick Palumbo

President / Founder
480-305-4028 Office

As Founder / President of Nick Palumbo is responsible for helping both national and international clients to reduce expenses in the area of telecommunications. The global reach encompasses 15 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Columbia, Hong Kong, India, Latvia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Estimations for future growth in telecommunications will move from 120 million long distance minutes per month to 400 million minutes over the next 6 months-tripling the revenue in this division alone.

In addition to voip termination, Nick also helps companies reduce their switching costs as well as find better solutions for call center switches.  The pricing is as low as $0.70 per port per month for hosted voip switch solutions.

Over the past 9 years, Mr. Palumbo has consulted with executives at companies ranging from start-up ventures to Fortune 500 enterprises in telecommunications.

Mr. Palumbo is an entrepreneur and visionary in every sense of the word with a 22-year track record of success spanning over 30 start-up companies.

In addition to consulting, he brings extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, has designed his own lead management system and has structured over 100 million dollars in projects since his career began. Mr. Palumbo works with over 30 mid-sized communications companies to aid them with their buying and selling strategies in their routing tables. This assists these companies with top line growth as well as bottom line cost reductions.
Mr. Palumbo currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he is an advocate on community service and giving back through philanthropy. He holds a BS in Accounting from St. John Fisher College of Rochester, New York.

Awards Won:
April 2013 Most Deals Completed for the month of April from VoxOx

Nick Palumbo co-authored a best-selling paperback book called: “Rainbows in Cobwebs – Stories of Hope in Storms of Life.”  This book can be purchased on Amazon and for the Kindle by clicking on the image on the right hand side of the page.


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