Hosted VOIP Switch

The hosted voip switch is a class 4 Wholesale VoIP session border control designed for high Calls Per Second (CPS) and high channel usage. This hosted voip switch is a Carrier grade VoIP Switch with integrated billing, Least Cost Route (LCR) engine, advanced AI routing, automation network grouping, blocking, and much more.

We are actively developing so customer features are a welcome.  If our hosted voip switch doesn’t have a feature that you are interested in, we can look at adding that for you.

The current Hosted Voip Switch Features are as follows:

  • Automatic Telecom Billing
  • LCR (least cost routing engine) with Smart AI routing
  • Load Balancer so you only need 1 IP address
  • Customer Portal w/PayPal payment and Credit Card Gateways (coming soon)
  • PayPal and Bank transaction import (Based on Customer Bank)
  • Automatic Network Grooming and automatic blocking
  • Call Extend w/max %
  • Route Blending
  • Profit Protection
  • White List routing
  • Manual Call Blocking
  • Automatic Rate Deck generation with scheduling
  • CPS/Port Limits and Limit overrides
  • Currency exchange
  • Document Upload
  • LRN Routing with LERG (included)
  • Billing by LRN, DNIS, Block LRN or LRN if Higher
  • Call Rounding
  • Customer Grouping
  • Auto Balance and Auto Shutoff with Kill Call
  • Customer Signup Page
  • Auto approve new customer
  • Media IP Blocking
  • Codec Filtering
  • Customer alerts, daily summary, and low balance alerts.
  • Welcome Letter with all the customer information to get started.
  • Unlimited CPS and Ports potential.  As you need more sessions and CPS, we can add that for you.
  • Pay only what you use, 95% of peek ports



Ports Needed Cost Per Port
0-5000 $1.00
6000 $0.98
8000 $0.94
10000 $0.90
15000 $0.80
20000 + $0.70