USA Dialer Termination

If your looking for call center/dialer termination into the USA.  Our pricing is aggressive in the wholesale market. We have the ability to reduce your cost using our advanced LCR engine.  USA dialer termination is billed in 6/6 second increments with our NPA-NXX or Flat rate deck.

Our competitive USA Dialer Decks often win 50,000 NPA-NXX breakouts out of 160,000 breakouts.  Also we have an aggressive intra-state USA dialer termination sip deck.

Do you have clients with a high average call duration (30 seconds or better) and with less than 20% 6 second calls?  If so, we can offer a highly competitive dialer deck that in most cases can significantly reduce your dialer termination cost.

If you would like to test our USA Dialer / USA Call center termination routes please let us know by emailing us below. Tests are usually setup the next business day!